Motorboat charter

Our base camp YACHTER CLUB Modrá Čajka is located at the river kilometre 37.7 at the right bank of the Hrušov reservoir on the Danube waterway oposite the Danubiana Gallery, right next to (across the road) Divoká voda  areal where we rent:
  • motorboats
  • inflatable boats
  • jet ski
  • sailing boats
Boats are rented all year round,  the main season is form 13th June to 20th September. 
Taking over / handing over a boat
For all-day chartering are boats taken from 9 AM to 7 PM. In case of interest and sufficient timing advance another time may be agreed.

Mandatory charges
  • service charges - includes taking over and handing over of boat, cleaning and refuelling.
  • consumed fuel PHM - you get a boat with full tank, by handing over will  be the boat refuelled and the consumed fuel will be charged.
  • deposit - refundable deposit, by handing over of an undamaged vessel will be the full deposit returned. The deposit can also be payed by card. 
Deposit insurance
We offer deposit insurance - the price is 126 € (365 days from the beginning of insurance). In the case of insurance event, the participation is 50 €. If you have insurance through our company, you only pay a reduced deposit of 100 €.

Additional services
  • 30 € / hour - skipper / instructor
  • 20 € / day - fridge (standard 650 WA and 700 Sun)
  • 20 € / day - inflatable toys, skis, wakeboard
  • 200 € - trailer + pulling boat
All our boats can be towed by car (for example to Croatia). 

Surcharge for one way cruise
One way cruise is for those who want to enjoy a downstream cruise and avoid a less comfortable cruise up the Danube river. Surcharge for one way cruise include transport of the boat and max. 6 people to the selected destination (or back).
  • 150 € Vienna - Bratislava
  • 350 € Ybbs an der Donau - Bratislava
  • 490 € Linz - Bratislava
  • 360 € Bratislava - Budapest
  • 990 € Bratislava - Belgrad
  • 2300 € Bratislava - Tulcea (delta of Danube)
  • 5% - regular customer
  • 10% - 3 and more days
  • 15% - 7 and more days
  • 20% - max. possible discount

Cruises on river Danube with a skipper

A cruise on the river Danube with a skipper is an ideal experience for people who will be fascinated by the view of the natural scenery coupled with a panoramic view of results of the long term transformations of urban architecture. In this way you can unusually enjoy the surrounding environment from the water  level on a motor boat. 

We offer cruises with a skipper to some of the places below. The destinations can be combined and we can also realize multiple cruises according to your choice and preferences (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary). 

  • Vienna
  • Orth
  • Hainburg
  • Devín
  • Bratislava - River park
  • Jarovecké bay
  • Gabčíkovo (through chambers)
  • Čunovo (around Danubiana neighbourhood)
The trips will provide you an ideal symbiosis of mental relaxation with recharge of new energy.  Receive relaxation with your family, children and relatives and explore the river Danube bay, where you can swim or rent water skis, wakeboards and inflatable wheel. 
Alternatively you can go on a romantic cruise or engagement for two at sunset. Boats can also be used to organize corporate events or parties.